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Byzantini Kalamos is an automated method of writing and editing Byzantine musical scripts on a computer. It works alongside Microsoft Word where the Byzantine music scripts are displayed.

The method includes three tables with icons for all combinations of Byzantine musical symbols which they appeared in the screen together with a word document. Yet two specially designed sets of fonts, one set for the Greek polytonic alphabet (Unicode), and one set of Byzantine musical symbols ( hereafter to be referred to as “music fonts”)

Normally, programs for writing Byzantine music provide the user a set of specially designed music fonts that can then be placed in the fonts file on the PC. However, these programs are not software based. Therefore, writing music with such a program can be extremely cumbersome . It is not only necessary to memorise the position of the music font on the keyboard, in addition the user requires a number of manual tables, one for each set of music fonts, and must select them from the keyboard each time.

In contradiction, Byzantini Kalamos uses software program that automates the way of writing the music by eliminating the use of the keyboard and the time-consuming memorisation.

It offers an easy and systematic way of writing the music it is not simply a set of music fonts. Its software solves many problems that keyboard alone, and music fonts can difficult offer solutions.

Today, all application programs on computers receive and carry out commands, usually with a software program and the mouse – the most user friendly tool. The mouse removes the need to memorise complicated commands on the keyboard.

Byzantini Kalamos belongs to this new generation of programs that make use of the mouse and associated software. It is an application program that requires the mouse for the majority of its processes and operations. It is a modern and accessible program for any user.

The user has all the necessary music characters at his disposal, on three tables on the screen. These can be viewed and selected by clicking with the mouse, which then reproduces the notes on the word processing document beside the tables. In this way, the user experiences no delay or distraction as a result of taking his or her eyes away from the screen in order to search for notes.

In short, Byzantini Kalamos is both enjoyable and easy to use, and accessible to every lover of music.

It does not need excessive computer knowledge; it eliminates reliance on the keyboard and memorisation of the position of the fonts.

In other words, Byzantini Kalamos introduces Byzantine music into the world of technology by making it possible to write Byzantine music, edit these scores, create a permanent archive for them (in a database), and, finally, produce music books and scores for choirs.

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